The Body of Citizen Service and Governmental Entities Performance Evaluation prepared a valuable study on the status of corruption in Kuwait, which was published during the last quarter of 2004. The study revealed that corruption indicators are devastatingly horrible. Therefore, it was necessary for all the powers in society to take a positive step toward elimination of corruption which spread in both governmental and national organizations. As there was no civil organization specialized in the field of enhancing transparency and anti corruption, a trend appeared toward the establishment of a public utility pursuant to the Kuwait law to shoulder such liability on the level of the civil society. A preparatory committee was formed in the beginning of January 2005, which was composed of the following five members:

Mr. Salah Mohammed Al-Ghazali
Mr.Ahmed Abdul Mohsen Al-Mulaifi
Ms.Intsar Abdul Rahim Al-Suwaidi
Ms.Salma Hamad Al-Essa
Mr.Salah Al-Deen Ta’mah Al-Shammari

It was agreed that Mr. Salah Al-Ghazali heads the preparatory committee. The mission of the preparatory committee was to prepare the draft Articles of Association, select a name for the proposed society, prepare for the founding general assembly, and select the founding members. These missions were accomplished within a relatively short period, and the founding general assembly was called for on Monday the 7th of March 2005. The general assembly meeting was held on the specified time, and the number of the founding members was one hundred eleven (111). The preparatory committee headed the meeting of the general assembly, organized its agenda and managed it. The attendees discussed the Articles of Association and their approval, and the first elected Board of Directors was entrusted with following up the registration of the society with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. The first Board of Directors was elected uncontested, and had its first meeting directly after the general assembly meeting. 

Pursuant to the required procedures, the Board of Directors submitted the minutes of the meeting of the founding general assembly and the approved Articles of Association to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and started promulgating the society with the concerned entities. The Ministry requested the amendment of some articles to cope with its laws and bylaws. The Board of Directors believed that the required amendments have no adverse effect upon the objectives of the society, and therefore approved them. The registration application was transferred to the Council of Ministers, which in turn referred it to the Ministerial Legal Committee under the presidency of the Minister of Justice. The committee requested the amendment of two articles. Whereas the Board of Directors found that such amendment was formal and does not adversely affect the objectives and means of the society, it approved the required amendments. Kuwait Transparency Society was promulgated by the Ministerial decree which was issued and signed by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and was published in the Official Gazette “Kuwait Al-Youm” on the 26th of March 2006. 
It is therefore on the 26th of March 2006 that Kuwait Transparency Society was promulgated pursuant to its Articles of Association as approved by the Council of Ministers.